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Creative things to do with an old wedding dress

Douglas William Jerrold says “after all, there is something about a wedding gown, prettier than any other gown in the world." The wedding gown is of sentimental value to every married woman. Sadly, all the women wear a wedding dress only once in their life. Bernadette Pimenta Couture with over 27 years of designing experience, brings to you several gorgeous designer bridal gowns. They too know the fact that wedding dresses are worn just once, but here are a few tips given by them to come up with creative things to do with old wedding dress.

One of the things you can do is get your crafty side out to make a few cute items of the dress. You can make jewelry from certain parts of the dress. You can also gift another bride a keepsake garter made from the fabric of your dress. You can stitch a christening gown for your children or grandchildren. You can use pieces of the dress to decorate your photo album.

Another brilliant idea is to dye this dress. Your wedding gown can be dyed to any other color and you can, of course, wear it again.

Another way of making use of the dress is to surprise your husband by wearing it on your anniversary.  If it still fits you, go ahead and do this. Relive the magic of your wedding on your anniversary.

A unique idea which may sound a little crazy is to host an all ladies party, with the dress code as wedding dresses. This will mean all your guests have to be married people and they must show up in their wedding gowns. Make sure to get a whole lot of pictures when this happens.

You can also go ahead and make a nice carry bag for yourself using material from your dress. In this way, you will be able to carry your wedding gown wherever you go. You could also turn the dress into Christmas decorations like stockings, stars hanging balls and so on.

If you are really good at handwork, turn it into a lovely bouquet of flowers. You can use the material, the lace, the buttons from the dress and so on. Another very creative way to make use of the dress is to turn it into a fancy table cloth that can be used for occasions. The white dress can turn out to be an elegant looking table cloth if you do it right. You can also make small things like hairbands and hair clips with your wedding dress.

There you go, go try your hand at whatever you feel is a great way to make use of your wedding dress again. Do not let it lie there in your cupboard all alone for several years. Make good use of it so that you can get a special feeling of what the dress meant to you all your life.