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5 Latest Bridal Wedding Trends You Need to Know for 2020

We all dream of having a fairy tale wedding, and why not? Everyone deserves to choose how they wish to celebrate their personal love story. Weddings nowadays have broken the age-old customs and entered the era of choosing a modern wedding. Good or not, you can always break the rules and embrace the kind of contemporary wedding style you adore – may it be the sort of wedding you need to have or the wedding dress you pick to wear.


Here are a few wedding trends you need to consider in 2020 when planning your ‘Big Day’: 


  1. The Designer Wedding Dress

Every woman is amped up about her wedding day to see herself walking down the aisle, wearing an alluring white wedding dress, more than anything else. Consider yourself lucky if you’re planning to get hitched in 2020 because the new-generation designer wedding dresses come in infinite choices. Choose a designer wedding dress from Bernadette Pimenta Couture as you step into your big day. Each wedding dress is precisely designed and created, adhering to the latest fashion trends and reflects elegance. 

  1. Dresses for the Bridesmaids

Who else wants to look dazzling after the bride? Unquestionably, the bridesmaids! Having a bridesmaid is something that is here to stay, but the way of dressing them is something that is evolving. In 2020, we are here to see the bridesmaids wearing a mix and match of dress colours & designs instead of sticking to the same old ‘uniform’ bridesmaid fashion.


  1. Sustainable Wedding

Not only wedding planners but individuals too, are moving to sustainable weddings. Many couples are considering and working towards planning a celebration with a lesser impact on the earth, as a part of the wedding ‘trend’. Since 2020, wedding planners, wedding dress designers and caterers are deviating towards sustainability. 


  1. Accessorise Yourself

If you’re a man, pulling off a no-tie look accompanied with a light colour outfit rather than a typical black tuxedo would be a bold move in the 2020s. Be the trendsetter! However, for a woman, choosing the right accessories that would complement the wedding dress and be trendy at the same time could be tricky. Maybe an extra-long veil would be something that you would want to add to your Wishlist for your 2020 wedding. Bernadette Pimenta Couture can help you find the right match of wedding accessories, trending today! 

  1. Trendy Photo Booths

Who doesn’t want to get captured in their favourite outfit? A trendy photo booth is just what you need! 2020 demands for a high-styled photo booth having portrait sessions shot by professionals. Another trending photo booth idea would be an automatic shooting booth – click-to-shoot photo booth that has been gaining popularity recently. Most party planners ensure that they have this listed in their package.


If you’re looking for the right wedding dress & bridal accessories to complement your style statement, you can try out Bernadette Pimenta Couture.