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5 Makeup Tips Every Bride Needs to Know On Her Wedding Day

Your wedding is not only the most important day of an individual’s life, but it’s also probably the most photographed day of their life. Apart from that, what not many people will tell you is that this best day is also one of the most stressful days of your life. Hence it can be a real task to be on your best-smiling face, hiding away the stress about the rest of the arrangements. But, amidst all the things that might be on the list, let’s bring your bridal beauty up as number one! If we consider makeup, everyone will want to avoid all the possible blunders, because more than the day, the pictures will last right ;) let’s bring your bridal beauty look back to the top of the list (even if it’s just for a little while). 


As far as makeup goes, we’re almost positive you’d want to avoid as many blunders as possible (pictures last forever, right?) Hence, we’ve brought together all the important tips so that all your pictures come perfectly. 


Select a Lipstick or Balm You Feel Comfortable In

The lips are a feature of the face, that allows you to add the largest amount of color. After that, comes the eyes! The best part about couture bridal gowns Melbourne is that no matter which designer wedding dress you decide to buy, they’re all white! Hence, every bride needs to spend some time at the makeup counter, to try out all the possible shades, before fixating on ‘The One!’ 

Do Have a Makeup Trial

If you make sure to try on your designer wedding dresses Melbourne multiple times before the big day, then why not your hair and makeup? Almost all freelance makeup artists offer a bridal trial prior to the actual date. This means that you now have a chance to experiment with different looks and find out if it actually suits you or not.  

Keep A Few Products Near Throughout the Day

Lipstick, compact, and a few blotting papers are a good start. Blotting papers or translucent powder will help you keep that shine on throughout the day and hence are a must. A pressed powder compact is helpful so you also have a mirror on-hand to touch up that lipstick ;)


Use Waterproof Products

Well, there’s no doubt about this, right girls? Basically try to waterproof everything! So if you tear up, all you need is a beauty blender on-hand to blot. That would press the product on the skin, rather than wiping the product away.


Drink Lots of Water Before the Big Day

Try to hydrate yourself and your skin as early as you can before your big day. This will allow for the best application of makeup, that would also allow it to last longer and look perfect in your wedding gowns melbourne.



Even though there are multiple tips to follow on one’s big day, the main one would definitely be to have fun. If you try to forget the rest and just follow this one tip, we’re sure all your photography will be like a fairytale captured.