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How to Choose The Perfect Wedding Colour Palette like a Pro


As if the big day didn’t already come with so many major decisions to take, dialing down on a colour palette comes across to be among the most difficult decisions that comes with that day. Along with going a bit bonkers trying on couture bridal gowns Melbourne, you also have to select the color that your close family would have to wear. Hence, doing that as early as possible, would be among the wise things to do, or at least doing that as soon as you’ve settled down on a venue. Choosing a colour pallette doesn’t just mean choosing the colour that goes on your invitation cards, it means choosing among many other details such as - your flowers, the bridesmaids and best men’s attire, your cake, table top, and the list can go on. Hence the moment you settle down on your final colour palette, making all these other decisions becomes much faster. So how to finalise on your favourite like a pro? Here’s how: 


Begin somewhere

Begin by asking yourself if you have any colours in mind, or something that you might have seen in the past that caught your attention. If you do, take some swatches of these hues when you visit your venue, to make sure they jibe with its ambience. If they do, you’re on your way! 


Consider location and season

If you don’t have any ideas about the colour, no big deal. Just like you’ll be deciding about how your wedding gowns melbourne should match the weather in your location, think about colours that will match the season too. Feel free to take a cue from dearest Mother Nature and pick shades that compliment the season, like hues of blue for winter or some light yellow for summer. 


Go with your favourite colour

Don’t neglect the option of favouring your favourite color. Talk about it with your fiancé. If they agree, you’re good to go! Just head on to your venue and figure out which shade would match well with the surroundings. 


Classic is not basic

Adding nudes and whites, will definitely go with everything. This lends a classic look to every colour, while simultaneously adding sophistication. 



Play with a spectrum

One thing we love when we ask our brides when they come to discuss their bridal couture Melbourne, is when they have decided on an ombré effect as their theme. The simplest way to go chic, wouldn’t you agree?


A simple way to glam-up is by adding a metallic to your hue. May it be gold, copper or silver, decide and set the scene for a formal and festive affair. 


Add in a modern flavour

Twist it up by adding an unexpected colour pairing. Like a bright colour with a comparatively dull colour. Think fuchsia with indigo! 


Finally, you may complete your palette with one or two accent colors. Choosing a colour palette is not so difficult, but choosing wisely a colour theme that won’t make you regret it for the rest of your life is! We hope this helped you get at least one step closer to your dream designer wedding dresses in melbourne. And if you need any help in selecting your couture bridal gowns Melbourne, remember, Bernadette Pimenta Couture is  just an appointment away.