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The 5 Most Common Colour Wedding Blunders and Ways to Avoid Them

Whenever we think of a grand event like a wedding the one thing that really stands out are the colours used in the décor. The theme of a wedding is affected by various factors and colours play a major role in them. Apart from the interiors and other arrangements, to avoid wedding blunders it is very necessary that we also pay attention to the colours. We all know that there are so many options to choose from, and it’s very natural to fall in love with more than what’s required. But do remember these will be seen everywhere on your wedding day, from your bouquets to the bridesmaids’ dresses!  

The colours work like the soul of the décor, there are so many possibilities when it comes to choosing the right combinations. Having a perfect balance and also focusing on the details of the best couture bridal gowns in Melbourne will provide with you with a beautiful setting. So here are some mistakes you should avoid on your big day:

1. Just looking at pictures


Credits: https://unsplash.com/@poemacollective


Viewing colours on different mobiles and other devices can change the way they actually would be seen in reality. These devices have different calibrations which affect the actual colour, even on printed sheets. Never finalise a colour without seeing it for real.

2. Picking too many colours


Credits: https://unsplash.com/@chuttersnap


It’s good to go with two or three colours but choosing many colours just because you like them will make the whole set not blend in and feel disjointed. Usually choosing light hues is the way to go or having a darker colour in contrast with a lighter one and a metallic will also do wonders.

3. Pulling off the whole theme on the bridal party


Credits: https://unsplash.com/@phuong_nguyen_2k

It is not necessary that all the colours of your wedding theme will look good on bridal gowns. There are many stores providing you with the best wedding gowns in Melbourne and will help you guide and match the bridal party with the theme. Do not forget the skin tones and hair colours when choosing the dresses, always prefer colours that’ll go with all the varieties.

4. Ignoring the venue


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It’s very much needed that you pay attention to the wedding setting and the whole theme of the place, choosing the colours against the walls and details of the location will make the whole look seem very off.

5. Choosing everything in one colour


Credits: https://unsplash.com/@waldemarbrandt67w


If there’s a colour which you absolutely love it’s not good to get everything in the same hue, this will make the whole setting very monochromatic and flat. Try getting variants of the same shade and mix them up with the classic whites and greys or some other favourable colours, metallics work well with every combination too. Stressing a lot is not healthy and might even make you be less excited about your big day. Always try to be more natural and do what you love. Give more effort to getting your most favourite designer wedding dress in Melbourne it will be the biggest memory of your wedding and will be there with you forever, also who wouldn’t just love looking awesome and happy! Pay more attention to the big day of your life and everything else will automatically fall in place.