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5 Tips To Live In The Moment Of Your Grand Wedding Day

Weddings! You spend literally months in planning the most important and exciting day of your life. Be it with the theme and décor, sending your invites to your guests, choosing your beautiful couture bridal gown in Melbourne and so much more. But as the day approaches, you will definitely panic. Hence it is very essential that you live in the moment on your wedding day.


Here are some tips to keep in mind:


1) Plan ahead:

Well, we all know the amount of work that goes in having your wedding carried out perfectly . Rather than keeping it at the last minute, it is always advisable to plan way in advance. This helps in keeping everything in check and for things to run smoothly which will eventually put you in the right and positive mindset for your big day.


2) Designate your task to a person you trust

It’s impossible for you to keep an eye out for everything when you’re getting ready for your wedding day. Times like these makes sense in choosing a person who’s going to help you with every detail. This could be your maid of honor, mum or even your best friend. This person will help you with phone calls, helping you take care with your designer wedding dress in Melbourne and other little details of the wedding. This will give you ample relief as you won’t be tensed up by having someone watch over these minute stuff so that you can have and experience a beautiful moment.


3) Eat and drink

Whatever you do, don’t forget to eat and to keep yourself hydrated. Start your day right with a really good breakfast. Followed by lunch, dinner and also eating at regular intervals. We understand that sometimes nerves get the best of us and we avoid eating anything at all. But in doing so it will affect you and you won’t be able to enjoy the biggest day in your life. Plus, you’ll be spending a lot of money too on catering. So it makes sense to enjoy what you’ve chosen for the wedding.

Apart from this, don’t forget to drink water after every glass of alcohol. This will help you immensely. Trust us on that.



4) Pause

There will be many things happening on your wedding day but try to just pause and reflect on each moment. This could be your family being there with you in every step of the way in making sure everything goes well or seeing your guests enjoying every second and so much more. You need to be thankful as these moments are very special and will hold dear in your life for years to come.


5) Spend time with your partner

As you know with weddings, you’ll be busy with a lot of things! Like greeting your guests, making sure everything is going well and much more. It does become impossible to have some alone time with your partner. Try talking to your maid of honour and best man to give you a little time to be with each other and to just celebrate the fact that you both are married.

We want you to enjoy your wedding day in its entirety! Be it with you enjoying  wearing your beautiful wedding gown in Melbourne, spending time with your family and friends and so much more. You definitely want to savour each and every moment. So, with these tips mentioned above it will make your day much more memorable and truly enjoyable.