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5 Creative DIY Wedding Favors That Will Make Your Guests Feel Special

Adding a personal touch to your wedding is the perfect way to show your guests how much their presence at your wedding means to them. From your wedding gowns melbourne to the decor, a little bit of exclusivity will go a long way. After all, your guests probably put a bit of effort into attending your wedding and you want to show your thanks in the most genuine way possible. And what a better way to return the gesture other than DIY wedding favors!


Remember, DIY doesn't mean you're making the entire wedding favor necessarily from scratch. Here are some of our favorite five creative DIY wedding favors to inspire your own. 



  • Something Hot


If you’re planning a winter wedding, this might just be the perfect DIY wedding favor you could easily create! Let your guests go home with a warm gift that’s both comforting and soothing. A homemade hot chocolate kit, complete with all the sweet essentials needed to make this beloved beverage, marshmallows and all would make your wedding even sweeter. Individual copper mugs could add an even more elegant feel to the ingredients, which your friends and family will love sipping on a cold day. 


  • Something to Live-on


Baby succulent or seeds are another great wedding favor to allow people to remember your big day for a lifetime. Bring out your guests’ green thumbs after your wedding by giving them To plant the seed for an easy and eco-friendly wedding favor, encouraging guests to bring out their green thumbs after your wedding. Print and paste custom labels to attach to your packet or vase. 


  • Something Sweet


No matter what age your guest may be, they’ll never say no to a bag full of pink, cloud-like, sugary goodness. Personalize them with a cute thank you note, your own hashtag or even a picture of you’ll with a thumbs up!  Double the fun with a variety of candy colors for your own wedding, which you can always buy tubs of in bulk.


  • Something to Smell 


Everyone loves a good smelling candle, and Pinterest has tons of easy DIY wedding favor candles that’ll surely be appreciated by your guests. They’re pretty easy to make and the supplies are not at all expensive, especially if you have a few small glass jars on hand. Fill your mason jars with the candle mixture and then add your own label or other design to the jar itself. Tie on a little thank you message with a piece of twine or thin ribbon and ta daa, you have the cutest wedding favor to pass on. 


  • Something Alcoholic 


Prepare cute little cocktail kits for your adult guests as a remember of your special day. The ingredients for mojitos or any other cocktail aren’t terribly expensive, particularly if you choose not to provide the liquor. Print out the directions for creating the cocktail that you choose (or you could even make an assorted batch) and attach it to the package. Guests will love you for this one and they’ll think of you when they are relaxing and enjoying their after wedding cocktails.


And there you have it guys here these are some creative DIY wedding favours that your guests would love to have. If you want more amazing wedding tips and tricks do check out other Bernadette Pimenta Couture  blogs or visit our website to know more about our designer wedding dresses melbourne