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5 Amazing Tips to Preserve Your Wedding Dress


Every little girl dreams of walking down the aisle in the perfect wedding dress. Finding the perfect dress can literally make or break your wedding. It’s not an easy project. You spend a lot of days, and even months; Rambling through racks, pictures and designers until you find “The One”. But what should you do with it until your wedding, which is months away? How will you be sure that your dress will be kept safe? (And we mean safe from damage, not safe from your finance's curious eyes!) Here are some easy steps you can take to make sure your bridal gowns in Melbourne make it to your wedding day without damage.


Remove the plastic

The first rule of thumb any preservationist will suggest is to remove the dress from plastic if it will be stored for longer than a few days. Plastic typically does not allow fabrics to breathe and has the potential for staining, as chemicals break down and gasses are emitted. It is best to use a cloth garment bag or plain cotton sheets to wrap your gown.

Out of sight, out of mind

Once your gown is properly stored away, try to resist the temptation to try it on or remove it from the bag (unless you need alterations). Your chances of staining and potential oil marks increase with each time your dress is handled. Sweat marks and makeup stains are your major dangers to look out for when trying on your dress. 

After the wedding, have your dress cleaned

Before you jet off for your honeymoon, ask a bridesmaid or family member to drop off your dress at your local dry cleaners to have your dress professionally cleaned, before stains set in. In order to best preserve your wedding dress, purchasing a conservation-grade and acid-free box or container wouldn’t be too bad an investment.  It is best to avoid long-term storage on a hanger, because this can lead to stretching the fabric over time. Once again, storing the dress under your bed or in a spare closet is the safest method to help preserve the life of the dress.

Don’t Wait Too Long

The longer you delay in cleaning the gown, the more stubborn the stains. The longer a stain sits on any fabric, the more it sinks into the fibers of the fabric itself, and bridal fashion fabrics are the worst! Never mind delicate silk—even that stunning polyester blend will grab onto dirt, spills, and moisture and not want to let go.

2Ps - Pass or Preserve

Preserving and storing your wedding dress is mandatory if you plan to pass it on to future generations or if you think you might give it away or sell it. Some brides take some time to treasure their dress at home—perhaps a few months—then donate it to a nonprofit resale shop or sell it either online or on consignment in an upscale boutique. Others keep their dress just to look at and reminisce along with cards and photos and other wedding day treasures.


Whatever your choice, please do take the time to treat your designer wedding dresses in Melbourne like the princess it made you feel when you wore it on what was, most likely, the most important day of your life!